Notify all stakeholders whenever a contract requires their attention

Zendoc gives your team the ability to stay on top of their contracts by alerting them to any important action needed. It allows you to set up rules to help them avoid overlooking important tasks.

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Critical alerts in your contracts

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Abusive clause


Force Majeure

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Libor index



… and unlimited customization!

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Never miss a deadline

Zendoc’s AI knows when to alert you about upcoming events, obligations, and milestones.

No more money left on the table

Don’t miss a renewal

Customize your AI

Boost your workflow

Zenalert makes sure you don’t forget deadlines or fall into contract traps, helping you save money.

Receive alerts based on your own recommendations without ever getting spammed.

Notifying all stakeholders at the same time will help your team work even more efficiently, facilitating your workflow and boosting productivity.

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