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We turn documents into smart actionable objects to empower every organization and person to achieve more.

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Our founders

laurent lathieyre portrait

Laurent Lathieyre

Founder & CEO

Laurent is a 4x serial tech entrepreneur with 2x exits.He got hooked into programming when he was 9yo (TI-57, Sinclair ZX-81, Oric-1, Oric Atmos, Atari 1040ST, AT&T UNIX PC…). Likes to build great teams and awesome software. His last company was acquired in 2014 by Microsoft. He lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

olivier colle portrait

Olivier Colle

Founder & CTO

Olivier is a geek who started programming at age 6 on a ZX81. As part of Microsoft R&D, he led multi-disciplinary teams and brought to market several AI-powered RPA-centric B2B SaaS (e.g. PowerApps, PowerBI). His passion for architecting and developing groundbreaking secured software can now be found at the heart of Zendoc.

Our awesome advisors

lucy endel bassli portrait

Arul Menezes

Distinguished Engineer

Arul Menezes is the founder of Microsoft Translator, one of Microsoft’s most successful flagship AI services within the Azure Cognitive Services family, used by hundreds of millions of consumers, and tens of thousands of developers and businesses worldwide. Arul is also responsible for Natural Language services in Azure, with has more than 20 years of experience in natural language processing and artificial intelligence, ranging from research to AI-based products.

lucy endel bassli portrait

Lucy Endel Bassli

Legal Ops Consultant

Lucy Bassli is an attorney, author of The Simple Guide to Legal Innovation and the Founder and Principal of InnoLegal Services, PLLC. As a former Assistant General Counsel of Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft, she redefined how legal work is done and created one of the first managed service engagements with a law firm. In 2015, she was named to the National Law Journal list of Outstanding Women Lawyers.

jon gelsey portrait

Jon Gelsey

Tech Entrepreneur

Jon started his career as a supercomputer designer at Convex Computer, acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 1995 as the high end of their server product line. He most recently was CEO of Xnor.ai, which was acquired by Apple in January 2020.  Before that, he was CEO of Auth0. His previous experience includes responsibility for strategy, acquisitions and investments at Microsoft, and being a venture investor at Intel Capital.

lisa strauch eggers portrait

Lisa Strauch Eggers

General Counsel

Lisa has been the General Counsel of numerous companies–large and emerging, domestic and global–counseling them through founding, fundraising, operating and successful exit. Lisa advises business leaders and entrepreneurs, developing business-oriented, strategic solutions to legal issues. A former Foreign Service Officer, her expired diplomatic passport now sits in her desk drawer.

samir addamine portrait

Samir Addamine

Tech Entrepreneur

Samir is a serial entrepreneur driving innovation in the mobile apps industry. He is a recognized expert in mobile and digital marketing, advising some of the world’s leading brands on how to transform to a mobile-first world. He was the founder of ClicMobile and a senior executive of Framfab, part of Publicis, where he built mobile apps and developed mobile go-to-market strategies for enterprise companies.

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