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Reduce financial risk from your contracts

Zendoc is able to understand your legal documents and highlight the critical information you need. You can be alerted and easily monitor the clauses, obligations and key terms in all your documents at once.

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Zendoc gives you full insight on your contracts so you are aware of every deadline. Alerts can even be automated when dates are identified in order to avoid manual entry.

Your legal documents are all gathered on Zendoc’s central repository. This allows for quick and easy review of all the data.

Zendoc’s ongoing discovery always finds the most recent version of your legal documents. Say goodbye to duplicates, and embrace one single source of information.

Features designed for Finance teams

Contracts are identified across multiple repositories, and gathered on one platform

You can connect a multitude of cloud and email services to Zendoc where they’ll be analyzed and copied on the central repository.

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New documents are found automatically

Zendoc’s smart discovery system regularly analyzes your repositories and email inboxes to find new documents or more recent versions of ones that already exist. Your manual input is never required, freeing your team from tedious chores.

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Key terms, obligations and deadlines are tagged

Bid farewell to Ctrl+F. With Zendoc you can instantly search for any kind of information throughout all your documents at once. For example, find all your contracts with a Force Majeure clause, or all those that have a deadline.

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Critical alerts in your contracts

Renewal dates, obligations, clauses: all of them can can be overwhelming and tricky. Zendoc keeps you updated on every milestone of your contract lifecycle. By setting up the rules you deem useful, you get to stay on top of your legal documents and avoid any type of risk.

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Turn your contracts’ information into tags

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…and many others!

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” Zendoc makes it easy to find the right contract and read through its specific terms in seconds. ”

Fanny Corpet
Strategic Finance Advisor

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