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Boost your sales with contract automation

Zendoc automatically finds your contracts and sends you the critical information you need. Our solution is designed to make your life easier: contracting should boost your business, never drag it down.

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Get rid of manual entry

Acquire full insight

Never be deceived

Enrich your CRM data with business-critical information from contracts. Bid farewell to error-prone manual data entries. Insights can be paired with solutions such as Dynamics and Salesforce.

Insights and alerts allow Customer Success and Account Management Teams to stay informed on key dates and avoid unnecessary churn.

Zendoc will instantly draw your attention to contracts requiring review, like those with abusive clauses, unusual amounts, non-compete obligations, and more.

Features designed for Sales teams

All your contracts collected
from email and storage

Zendoc will automatically find any new legal document stored in leading cloud providers. and upload it onto the platform. From there, it will generate valuable insights, highlight critical information, and set up the right alert notifications for the right stakeholders.

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Smart, automatic contract gathering

With Zendoc, administrative duties seem and feel effortless. Our solution continuously identifies and collects your new legal documents. Key data is analyzed and processed, and alerts are created to update you regularly.

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Access key information immediately

Time is one of your most valuable assets. Zendoc’s AI-powered algorithm automatically and instantly finds, extracts, and highlights critical data you need, no matter the document format, saving your team time and effort.

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Never miss an important deadline

Renewal dates, obligations, clauses…all of them can can be overwhelming and tricky. Zendoc keeps you updated on every milestone of your contract lifecycle to stay on top of your legal documents and avoid any type of risk.

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Critical alerts in your contracts

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Abusive clause


Force Majeure

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… and unlimited customization!

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Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. Zendoc lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines.

Kevin Chester
VP Enterprise & Technology

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