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Contract Management Software with Cloud Integrations

With Zendoc, connect to leading cloud platforms with our ready-to-use connectors and let the contract automation begin.





Works with the best integrations

Your legal documents can be found by Zendoc’s AI in a wide range of cloud and email services. They will all be gathered in one place, so you don’t have to browse multiple solutions anymore. More connected apps are added over time.

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Get all your contracts uploaded in a matter of minutes

Zendoc’s powerful AI is able to understand what are the legal documents in your cloud and email services, where they are, and import them all by itself very quickly, where it would take weeks with other contract automation platforms. Of course your documents are also all analyzed and tagged, ready for automation.

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Simple. Efficient.

So fast

Easy to use

Never look back

No long and tedious processing of your contracts. With Zendoc, it’s just a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.

Just add your cloud accounts in one click and that’s it. Zendoc handles the rest.

Setup the platform once and you’re done. No need to monitor it on a daily basis.

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Your data is safe and secure

Your documents belong to you, not to vendors. We’ll never share your data with third parties, and we’ll only store what you tell us to. For more information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

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Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. Zendoc lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines.

Kevin Chester
VP Enterprise & Technology

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Once you’ved linked Zendoc to your email and cloud storage, our AI will find just where all of your contracts are.

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