The Four Pillars

Zendoc’s power comes from its main features called “The Four Pillars.” Each one serves a specific role and adds value to your workflow.






AI-powered ongoing contract analysis like never seen before

Whether in crisp PDFs or fuzzy JPEGs, our powerful AI will isolate and import legal documents from your cloud platform, automatically.

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Supports popular formats

docx file format
tiff file format
pdf file format
png file format
jpg file format
xps file format
odt file format
xls file format

… and 50+ more!

Setup once and never look back

Zendiscover continually monitors your email and cloud storage for new legal documents.

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A powerful AI at your service

No action needed to find documents

Oversee critical information

Works with poor quality scans

Zendiscover will automatically find and gather all your contracts after your first setup until you tell it otherwise.

Zendoc informs you when new documents are added to the platform, leaving nothing overlooked.

Our AI’s enterprise-grade Optical Character Recognition is able to handle even poorly scanned documents.

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Your data is safe and secure

Your documents belong to you, not to vendors. We’ll never share your data with third parties, and we’ll only store what you tell us to. For more information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

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With all your documents gathered in one place, you can quickly find key information and data inside of them.

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