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Promoting Zendoc through your digital content means earning attractive commissions.

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Earn More for Your Insights

At Zendoc, we know the power of a good recommendation—and we want to make it easy to earn money for yours. Monetize your content with minimal effort using trackable links from our trusted third-party.

How does it work?

Zendoc Affiliate Commissions are set up so you earn the most for your best leads. You get paid for every trial signup, as well as every upgrade to a paid plan.

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Trial sign-up commission

You get paid every time someone signs up for a Zendoc trial using your affiliate link. How much you earn depends on where you lead comes from.

Earn up to:


Upgrade commission

You will also earn money when a trial signup upgrades to a yearly paid plan. How much you earn doesn’t even rely on where your lead comes from.

Earn up to:


The affiliate benefits

Industry-leading commission

Extended cookie life

Dedicated affiliate team

Poaching protection

Earn up to $10 per free trial, plus up to $400 per paid subscribe.

Get awarded for any visitor who clicks your affiliate link and begin a trial with 120 days.

Reach out to our partner support team any time for assistance or advice.

Get protection from poaching by adware, coupon & trademark biding affiliates.

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