Referral Program

Refer Zendoc and transform your network into rewards

Refer Zendoc to your network and earn big rewards

Invite your contacts to try Zendoc! Setting up an account and try the next-gen contract automation has never been easier. When they become a customer, you and them will earn up to $400 in gift card value ($200 for you, and $200 for your friend).


Referral program details

How to refer Zendoc?

  1. Refer Zendoc to as many of your contacts as you like (the more the merrier).
  2. Zendoc team will send a follow-up email to your contacts, mentioning you as a referrer.
  3. Zendoc team will work with your contacts to make sure the platform fits their needs.
  4. Every time one of your contacts gets a plan, you will both get a link to your gift cards.

The fine print

  1. Reward will be delivered within 30 days after your contact has subscribed to the service.
  2. Your contacts must get at least a 1-year subscription for the rewards to be unlocked.
  3. We can’t deliver rewards to companies that are already within the active buying cycle.
  4. Zendoc reserves the right to declare a referral ineligible if we believe you are abusing the referral program.
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Some of our awesome partners

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Our users say it best

william demoustier portrait

” With Zendoc, my staff has access to all relevant contracts and key information within seconds. It means increased productivity & a happier team! “

William Demoustier, COO, AdActive
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” Zendoc organizes, searches, and deeply manages all of our contracts, while reducing burden on staff. It’s miraculous. ”

Everett Billingslea, General Counsel, Lynden
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” Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. It lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines. “

Kevin Chester, VP Business Performance, Lynden
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” Zendoc makes it easy to find the right contract and read through its specific terms in seconds. ”

Fanny Corpet, Financial Advisor