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Works with key cloud providers

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Avoid contract pitfalls

No more unwanted renewal

No more misplaced contracts

Nore more Ctrl+f in Acrobat

How many times was a provider contract or a subscription renewed because you were unaware of the due date? Zendoc’s AI knows about the dates in your legal documents and alerts you on time.

What happens when an employee leaves the company? Or when contracts are sent by email and not archived? Zendoc’s AI knows where your contracts are and gathers them all in one place.

Forget about using Ctrl+f for hours when looking for critical information or key data. Zendoc’s AI finds the right information in all your legal documents, saving you valuable time.

The Four Pillars


Be one with the Cloud and get all your contracts together in a matter of minutes

Set Zendoc up, connect to top leading cloud platforms with our ready to use connectors and let the AI-Powered Contract Automation begin.

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ongoing contract analysis

like never seen before

Our powerful AI will will isolate and import the relevant legal documents from your cloud platform. The process is on-going; it never stops, unless told otherwise. Ideal for staying Zen.

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A powerful and efficient search algorithm like you have never seen before

Zensearch’s AI-powered algorithm will search and extract the data you need, no matter the document format (PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC…). Zensearch extracts Key Terms & Data to effectively help your team find & activate data within all your documents.

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Get all stakeholders notified whenever a contract requires their attention

ZenAlert gives your team the ability to stay on top of their contracts by alerting them whenever an important action is needed. It allows you to set up rules to help them avoid overlooking important tasks.

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Stay on top of your legal documents

Don’t lose money

Don’t waste time

Don’t get duped

Being aware of critical information in your contracts, like dates, amounts, or clauses, helps you react at the right time. By holding all the cards, you are able to enhance your business.

With Zendoc, forget about trying to find information across multiple poorly scanned documents, logging information in endless spreadsheets, and sending reminders to stakeholders all day long.

With Zendoc, your contracts hold no secret for you. You are aware of every clauses and the danger they might represent. You can monitor every amounts and check if they’re unusually high or low.

How does it work?

1. Plug your cloud provider with a simple login on Zendoc

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2. Zendoc scans your repository then finds and gathers your legal documents

3. Zendoc highlights key data and critical information in your legal documents

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4. Alert notifications are automatically sent whenever a contract requires your attention

Did you notice it only takes one thing to do?

No worries, you can also customize everything to fine-tune the platform to fit your needs!

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