Talking about Zendoc

Zendoc official launch

Zendoc is an exciting new AI-powered contract automation platform designed to assist companies that work with legal documents starting at the competitive price of $49/month.

Tired of digging through numerous cloud services to find the information you need? With Zendoc, companies just have to connect their Docusign, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Sharepoint, Outlook, Office 365, to automatically gather all their legal documents into one centralized location.

Through tags, organizations will instantly be able to find the information they need. Zendoc supports over 50+ formats of legal documents and contracts, no matter the quality. Their AI will adapt to gain a better understanding of the documents. With Zendoc, team members and stakeholders alike receive alerts for important contractual dates (termination, renewal, notice payment schedules, etc.)

Available solutions have been overly complicated when it comes to onboarding their users and ease of use. Zendoc makes this process both easy and affordable for SMBs and larger companies.

One of their advisors noted: “The best thing about Zendoc is that it handles the hardest step of onboarding effortlessly: it finds the contracts wherever they may be and organizes them logically while extracting key data points.” – Lucy Endel Bassli, Founder of InnoLaw Group and Former Assistant General Counsel of Contracting and Legal Operations at Microsoft Corporation

”Zendoc organizes, searches, and deeply manages all of our contracts while reducing the burden on staff. It’s miraculous.” – Everett Billingslea, General Counsel at Lynden

Zendoc was created by a team  of tech veterans and accelerated by Techstars Seattle.. Laurent Lathieyre (Founder & CEO) is a serial tech entrepreneur whose previous company, Capptain, was acquired in 2014 by Microsoft. Founder & CTO, Olivier Colle, has led multi-disciplinary teams and brought to market several AI-powered platforms during his tenure at Microsoft. Zendoc is a product of Kenzai Intelligent Systems Inc