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Let your legal team do legal work and leave the rest to Zendoc

Forget about time-consuming and tedious tasks, and focus on what matters. Automatically keep an eye on critical obligations, easily search documents, and organize your contracts. Remove friction, keep stakeholders happy.

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Empower stakeholders


Boost your team’s productivity and efficiency by letting AI do the chores for you. You’ll never have to use CTRL-F again.

Generate value by sharing information with stakeholders in a safe and controlled way.

Get instant alerts on clauses and obligations. Never worry about forgetting mission-critical deadlines again.

Features designed for legal teams

Your legal documents are all gathered in one place

Zendoc gathers all your legal documents from DocuSign, cloud storage, and email to analyze them, extract key data, and alert you to incoming deadlines or clauses that require your attention.

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Automatically identify and analyze contracts

Zendoc’s powerful AI automatically finds any new contract received, sent, or added to a repository. Key data is analyzed, stored, and turned into actionable insights and alerts.

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Effortlessly find critical information

Some information or clauses can make or break a contract. The AI-powered Zensearch algorithm browses through all your legal documents at once -even if poorly scanned!- and extracts the right data. It classifies information so you can find anything at a glance.

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Reduce risk with alert notifications

Zendoc alerts your team and stakeholders to important deadlines, obligations, renewal dates, or clauses that require their attention. Forget about spreadsheets and manual reminders.

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Turn your contract information into tags

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Agreement types




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…and many others!

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” Zendoc organizes, searches, and deeply manages all of our contracts, while reducing burden on staff. It’s miraculous. ”

Everett Billingslea
General Counsel

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