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Digital transformation
meets contracting

Take your company to the next level of contracting. Stay on top of your contracts, never miss a single deadline, and save valuable time and money. Zendoc’s highly customizable AI will be your best partner for maximum efficiency.

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AI-powered technology

Compatible with your workflow

Contract renewal protection

Turn legal documents into actionable data. Embrace contracts as a database with Zendoc’s AI-powered contract automation system.

Don’t revolutionize your workflow — just improve it! Zendoc works seamlessly with your system without disrupting any process in place.

Never again will a contract be renewed without every stakeholder knowing about it beforehand. Zendoc’s understands your contracts and sends alerts when needed.

Features designed for
IT teams

Simple and full integration with Office 365

Zendoc works flawlessly with all leading cloud platforms, including your full Office 365 environment. The AI automatically and seamlessly gathers all your legal documents from all cloud platforms. Need customized webhooks and an API? We have you covered!

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Your contracts are automatically gathered and analyzed

Zendoc’s powerful AI automatically scans your integrations and finds any new legal documents. Key data and information (like deadlines, clauses, amounts due, and more) are analyzed, stored, and turned into actionable insights and alerts. Forget about other teams asking you to fetch them a document.

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Find the right information
in a second

Some information or clauses can make or break a contract. Our search algorithm scans the text from your legal documents and turns it into tags, transforming it into actionable data for you to always stay on top of your contracts.

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Alert all stakeholders
at the right time

Zendoc automatically alerts your team and stakeholders to incoming deadlines, clauses, obligations, and amounts.

You can even set up your own rules and target as many users as needed, granting all stakeholders a comprehensive overview of their legal documents.

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Compatible with
any type of files

docx file format
tiff file format
pdf file format
png file format
jpg file format
xps file format
odt file format
xls file format

… and 50+ more!

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Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. Zendoc lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines.

Kevin Chester
VP Enterprise & Technology

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