3 areas where Zendoc can help your legal team become more efficient

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According to the Aderant Business of Law and Legal Technology Survey, nearly 32% of the world’s top law firms believe that operational efficiency is the top challenge of their legal team. Meanwhile, less than 30% reported that they have an employee tasked to drive automation and innovation technology.

With Generation X and Millenials now making up the majority of most legal teams around the world, legal departments need modern technology for document storage and data extraction.

Here are three areas where Zendoc can help your team become more efficient.

1. Store Your Contracts and Documents In A Centralized Cloud

Today’s legal teams use multiple cloud platforms to store their important contracts and documents, and so a lot of time can be wasted when a team member is seeking a specific document.

Is it in Dropbox? Have you checked Outlook? Possibly it is in DocuSign? Or maybe it’s in Gmail?

Your team needs that document now!

Using a cloud-based platform can save your team a lot of time and money. Zendoc takes all of your legal documents and integrates them into a centralized cloud. Just add your cloud accounts in one click and that’s it. Zendoc will handle the rest. And it can all be done in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

The bottom line here is: faster work means more productivity and less overhead.

2. Use An AI-Powered Contract Automation Platform

Legal teams have to pay attention to details, and if they work for a company that handles a lot of contracts, that means they have a lot of details to manage. Using AI cuts down on human errors being made and reduces the chances of important details being overlooked.

Zendoc’s AI-Powered ongoing contract analysis allows your team to stay on top of all the critical information needed.

Zendoc also keeps all of your important metadata tagged for easy extraction. This makes it so that your team will have access to the exact data they need in seconds. They will have all the information that matters instantly at their fingertips.

3. Set Auto-Alerts For Your Entire Company

Mismanagement of your legal team’s calendar can lead to missed deadlines and lapsed contracts. But with your contracts as the database, Zendoc’s AI will make sure that your team’s calendar stays organized in a way never thought possible.

With Zendoc, you can set up alerts for every member of the team. These alerts can be customized to meet your team’s needs. Set alerts for renewal and termination dates, abusive clauses, compliance, and more.

You can define your alerts each contract will send, to which teach members, and with specific messages. The alert will tell you what needs to happen at exactly the time it needs to happen.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual readers as management systems and let Zendoc bring the Zen to your legal team today.

About Zendoc

Zendoc is a full-service AI-powered contract automation system that not only organizes all of your agreements into a single database but keeps you up-to-date on what you need to do to extract as much value from your contracts as possible. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your obligations because you don’t have to remember them in the first place. 

We offer a 14-day free trial demo so you can experience relief from the pain of managing your contracts. Try us today!