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AI-powered contract discovery, search, notifications, and more. Zendoc provides organizations everything they need to stay Zen.

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Post-award has never been easier

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Your contracts
all in one place

Zendoc finds and retrieves legal documents directly in your cloud and email providers and gathers them all in one place.

Key information
at your fingertips

The platform’s AI can highlight key terms and information throughout your legal documents, making them easy to sort and organize.

Never miss

Smart alerts keep your team and stakeholders informed about deadlines, clauses, awards, and much more.

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Works with leading cloud platforms

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Zendoc finds your contracts wherever they’re stored. Painlessly connect to all leading cloud platforms and get going in the blink of an eye.

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Find and automatically classify all your contracts in one single place thanks to our AI-powered discovery. No more spreadsheets.


Search for details, terms, and obligations through all your contracts and across all formats, including JPG, PDF, DOC, PNG, and more.

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Rushed emails and missed deadlines are a thing of the past. Notify all stakeholders whenever a contract requires their attention.

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Get going in the blink of an eye

Time is one of your most valuable assets — Zendoc helps you save it. Setup is hassle-free and only takes a few moments.

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Leading cloud platforms working as one

Losing track of your contracts is easy; with Zendoc, finding them is even easier. Quickly connect to all major cloud storage and email providers and let Zendoc grab all your contracts for you.

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Automatic discovery

Zendoc’s powerful AI continuously searches your storage for new documents to add to your contract database, even after initial setup. The search doesn’t stop until you say so.

Boost your workflow

By making every relevant item within your contracts available at the command of a few keystrokes, Zendoc is designed to facilitate your team, not disrupt it.

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Never miss a beat

Keep on top of your obligations — like audits, due diligence requirements, renewal dates, and more — with smart alerts to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Our users say it best

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” With Zendoc, my staff has access to all relevant contracts and key information within seconds. It means increased productivity & a happier team! “

William Demoustier, COO, AdActive
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” Zendoc organizes, searches, and deeply manages all of our contracts, while reducing burden on staff. It’s miraculous. ”

Everett Billingslea, General Counsel, Lynden
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” Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. It lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines. “

Kevin Chester, VP Business Performance, Lynden
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” Zendoc makes it easy to find the right contract and read through its specific terms in seconds. ”

Fanny Corpet, Financial Advisor
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