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Post-award has never been easier


AI upload and tagging, in a matter of minutes

Forget the long wait for your contracts to be uploaded and sorted, or the tedious chore of tagging key information. Zendoc’s AI does it all for you. The process is automatic and very fast.

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zendoc document viewer screenshot
zendoc document viewer screenshot

An ongoing analysis, regardless of format

Every day, Zendoc’s AI is analyzing your repositories and upload the new contracts it finds so you don’t need to alter any workflow you’re currently using. The AI is able to analyze a wide range of formats, including bad-quality scans.

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Your legal documents are analyzed by a powerful AI

Zendoc’s powerful AI is able to fully understand your legal documents, thus transforming simple text (or pictures) into actionable tags. Automation then happens from these tags, unleashing the full power of Zendoc: search, alerts, docbots and much more.

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zendoc document viewer screenshot
zendoc docbots screenshot

Alerts and automation based on key information

Zendoc’s AI automatically creates alerts and warnings based on the analysis of your legal documents so you are not missing any deadline, or key information that should be in a contract and is absent.

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Works with the best integrations

Your legal documents can be found by Zendoc’s AI in a wide range of cloud and email services. They will all be gathered in one place, so you don’t have to browse multiple solutions anymore. More connected apps are added over time.

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” Zendoc is transforming the way Lynden manages its contracts. Zendoc lives in the background and gives us the tools needed to organize contracts across a wide enterprise, easily find what we need to find, and help us avoid missing contractual deadlines. ”

Kevin Chester
VP Enterprise & Technology, Lynden

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